Slides & Combos

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Slides & Combos

Please note: Slides & Combo prices are for six hour hire set up on flat grass.

Set up on a hard surface is possible, please add the Hard Surface pack to your order.

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Big Blue Slide

The Big Slide, always popular where ever they go the slides always attract a huge cue of kids wanting a turn. this one is 9.2m long x 5m wide and 6.7m to the very top.



Bouncy Boners (Adults Only)

Adults only Bouncy Castle. Picture available on our Facebook page

Measurements are 4m wide x 4.5m deep and 3.25m high.

Available for over night hire.



Candy Castle

Candy themed Castle with Slide and pop ups. Measuring 6m x 5m.

Price is for set up on flat grass with power supply nearby.

1.5m wide access required to get this on through.



Carnival Time

Carnival Time is a large combo with internal slide and pop ups. 6m x 5.7m x 4m high. fully enclosed for safety and netting on the sides to allow observation of children.



Circus Time Combo

The Circus time combo is packed with activities. and internal slide with a tunnel under it, a basket ball hoop, pop ups to wrestle and a twister game on the bouncing area. measuring 5.2m x 4.5m x 5.9m high.



Double Lane Slide

A double lane slide to get high numbers of riders through. it is 9m long x 5m wide and 6m high.

The price is based on being set up on flat grass with power near by.

We will need drive on access to deliver this due to its size.



Green Obstacle Course

Obstacle course suitable for all ages. this one is 22m long and 5m wide.




Bouncy Castle with slide and pop-ups.



Junior Trestle Table

Children size trestle table. 1.2m long x .6m wide x .5m high.

Table only, chairs not included.



Octagon Combo

Round Bouncy Castle with small internal slide.



Paw Patrol Combo

Paw Patrol combo bouncy castle with internal slide. measures 5.5m x 5.5m




Bouncy Castle combo with slide and all sorts of internal pop up things. It is 5m x 5.3 x 3.4m high.

Price is for up to six hours hire, set up on grass with power supply near by.



Small Water Slide

Water Slide 7.3m long x 3m wide x 4.8m high. Requires access to a garden tap and power.



Standard Combo

Standard Combo unit. 6m x 4m x 4m high.



Unicorn Beach Party

This is a brightly coloured combo with lots of pop up things and a slide.

Please check for space as this one is 7m x 6m x 3.5m high.

Due to the size of this castle we need good clear access of no less then 1.5m to the set up site.



Viking Village

The Viking Village has a slide inside among various pop ups and a bouncing area.



Whare Pekepeke

The Whare Pekepeke is a one of a kind Bouncy Castle, the only one like this in the world. It is 5m wide and 6m deep. We designed this inflatable to have something unique just for Hawkes Bay residents. It is available to travel to other areas if required.



Princess Carriage 6 x4

The Princess Carriage is 6m Long and 4m wide. the entry is on the side and slide out the front.



Ocean Theme Combo

6m x 5.7m Bouncy Castle combo with small slide and pop-ups.



Cars Obstacle Slide

The Cars obstacle is 9m long x 4.5m wide. it has an Obstacle area and a slide.

Due to the size of this item access to the site where it is going to be set up needs to suitable for a vehicle to drive or at least 2m wide flat hard surface.



C4 Combo Slide

The C4 Combo has a bouncy area, Basket Ball hoop and a slide. fully enclosed with one entrance door. the size is approximately 4m

Hire is for up to six hours. select your start time and we will deliver before that and collect at or after your finish time.



Water Slide

The Water Slide is 12m long and 6.5 wide at the wide end. It requires a standard power connection and a garden hose connection.

Due to the size of this item access to the site where it is going to be set up needs to suitable for a vehicle to drive or at least 2m wide flat hard surface.



Weights and cover for Hard Surface

Concrete weight and cover to hold inflatables in place on hard surface.



Cable cover 1 metre section

Cable covers keep all those extension cords neat and tidy and out of harms way. These are required for public events where cables run across the ground.