Sound & Lighting

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Sound & Lighting


Freedom Flex Par Can

This is a set of six lights. they are battery powered so no need for wires on the floor. adjustable to any colour. water proof for outdoor use.

ideal for use in Marquees and venues to add some colour. they look fantastic when placed at the bottom of trees, transforms any garden into a colourful wonderland.



Mobile Stage 1.8 x 2.4

Mobile folding stage. 1.8m x 2.4m



Projector Panasonic PT-EW730ZE

Panasonic projector produces 7000 lumins. Ideal for large format projection. works best in dark situations



Road Buddy Speaker

Portable speaker system. battery and mains power option. come with one wireless microphone.



Wireless Microphone (Single)

A single Wireless Microphone. can be attached to Jukebox or a PA System for speeches or singing.



Mini Juke System

The Mini Juke system is the latest in digital touch screen technology. The Mini Juke comes with two 300 watt speakers which is usually loud enough for most Parties or average size wedding venue. you can add one or two DB subs to boost the base.

You can have one or two microphones with the system, please add to your order.

Loaded with over 6000 Hits, from the 50's to now there is something there for everyone. The Karaoke function has 2500 tracks for that good old sing along.

Create your own playlist to start the night off or select random play which can be by catergory or play all.

Due to Damage caused by incorrect set up we no longer allow the pick up option. we will deliver and set up for you.



Touch Tunes Jukebox / Karaoke

This Juke Box/Karaoke system comes with thousands of Juke box songs form 50s to recent, all searchable by Category, Artist or title. In the book of Karaoke songs, you find the song you want and enter the corresponding four digit number to select your song. the system has two speakers and you can add one or two DB subs f you want extra base.

you can have up to three microphones, please add separately to your order.

Due to Damage caused by incorrect set up we no longer allow the pick up option. we will deliver and set up for you.



Portable P A

This unit is ideal for outdoor or indoor Weddings where a little extra volume is required for your guests to hear the service. It can be used for background music while the crowd awaits the brides arrival, then play your entrance song via the blue tooth connection from a phone or iPod. The microphone is wireless and the whole system runs off its own battery with a continuous play of up to 20 hours. A very compact and light weight unit that puts out 106 watts of clear sound with out any wires or power cords.



Gig Bar Party Lights

Lights can add that wow factor to your venue. The Gigbar is a 4-in-1 light that includes a pair of LED derbies, a pair of LED Pars, a laser, and strobe effect all mounted on one bar. Cover any room or stage with 4 individually adjustable and interchangeable heads.



dbTech Sub

A sub adds a extra dimension to your sound. it will bring out the base line in your music selection.



B52 P A System




Festoon lights 10 metre section, conectable.

10 metre length, connect more as required. Warm white LED light. These bulbs are clear plastic and will take a few knocks without breaking unlike the glass equivalent. Safe 24 volt power supply. Installation available, price on request.



Fairy Lights (50m Blue)

50m Blue LED Fairy lights.



Fairy Lights 3m section (warm white)

3m sections, connectable. Warm white light. installation available, price on request.



Par Can LED Light

Par cans are used in many ways, up light in Marquees or halls or on stands as party lights flashing and changing colour.



Swarm 4 Light





A mixer is required to connect Microphones, ipods and other devices into a P A system.




Standard dynamic microphone & cable



Light Stand




Extension Cord (various lengths)

Available in 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m



Cable cover 1 metre section

Cable covers keep all those extension cords neat and tidy and out of harms way. These are required for public events where cables run across the ground.